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3 Creative Sewing Techniques To Elevate Your Clothes

As we are approaching towards the spring, I'm planning on adding a few new wardrobe pieces and this time I'm leaning into using more creative sewing techniques. In this post, I'd like to share 3 interesting ways how you can upgrade your clothes and give them 'wow' effect: by creating puffy 3D effect hearts; adding appliques to your favourite T-shirt or tulle ruffles to long sleeve blouse. All these techniques are simple to make and you can complete them in one hour!

This article is created in partnership with Brother - experts of home sewing, embroidery, quilting, and crafting machines for more than 100 years.

All samples shown in the article are created using Brother Stellaire 2 sewing and embroidery machine.

Brother Stellaire 2 sewing and embroidery machine

To watch video version of these techniques, click window below:


T-shirt with 3D effect puffy hearts

In this technique, we will create a puffy heart effect on soft knit fabric.

You'll need: for this technique you'll need batting material for creating puff effect and fusible interfacing, to hold the shape in place.

STEP 1: Using paper, cut the stencil of the shape that you want to create. from batting fabric, cut the shape out and cut out as many pieces as you want for your design. Try to be as accurate as possible, as later we will stitching around each shape, following the edges. From fusible interfacing, cut shapes, slightly bigger than you batting pieces.

STEP 2: on the wrong side of the garment, put batting piece, fusible interfacing on top (glue side facing down), and press around the edges, so that the interfacing holds detail in shape.

STEP 3: On sewing machine, switch to zipper presser foot - this foot does not have edges, so we will be able to sew closer to the detail edge. Using straight stitch, start sewing around the detail, going close to the batting edge, but try not to stitch the batting itself. The interfacing will stabilize the fabric, making it easier to sew knit fabric and sew around each shape. Sew slow, as those details need accuracy and attention.

Once finished, the T-shirt will look like this - with beautiful puffy shapes coming out of seemingly nowhere. This technique is a great away to add extra details to a simple fabric and give it 'wow effect'. Note that the more stretchy the fabric and the puffier the batting - the more expressed shapes you'll be able to create!


Adding appliques to T-shirt is a great way to give it a personal touch. What I like about this technique is that it's very versatile - you can use any fabric, any color, and create any shape, any word or letter. It will look great both on kidswear and adults clothes, so you can really unleash your creativity. This technique is great for using scraps and I also plan to use it with denim fabric, as I think the fraying denim edges would look fantastic.

STEP 1: Begin by writing the letters you want to monogram on tear away stabilizer (I'm using my hand writing, but you can also print any font you need and trace it onto the stabilizer). using same fabric as my T-shirt, I cut 3 rectangulars for each letter, slightly bigger than the stabilizer.

STEP 2: On my t-shirt, I position fabric rectangulars and stabilizer, so that the middle letter is positioned at the center line. Then, using baste stitch, secure letters in place.

One extra tip: if you're working with difficult to sew fabric, like this very lightweight jersey fabric, you can also put tear away stabilizer under T-shirt fabric, as it will make sewing much much easier.

STEP 3: One sewing machine, using straight stitch, go around each letter. When you need to pivot the seam, pull needle down into the fabric, lift presser foot and then rotate the fabric.

In this step I'm sewing at the slowest speed setting, to get those lines right.

STEP 4: After the letters are sewn around, remove the tear away stabilizer. Then, using small scissors, go around each letter and trim all excess fabric, leaving about 2mm from the seam line.

When finished, the T-shirt now looks like this:


Third and final technique will definitely add 'wow' effect and it's adding tulle ruffle to the sleeves of long sleeved blouse. For this technique, we are first going to create gathers and then attach them to sleeves.

You'll need: For the gathers, I bought a roll of soft tulle fabric, which is 15cm width and 9meter length. I recommend getting softer tulle, as hard one may feel a bit 'pokey'. To create gathers, I'll use a gathering foot.

STEP 1: On sewing machine, increase stitch length and tension. The longer the stitch and the higher the tension - the more gathers you'll get.

With the gathering foot installed, position the fabric under the presser foot, so that the seam goes right through the middle. And start sewing. As you sew, the gathering foot is automatically creating the gathers.

STEP 3: Once tulle is gathered, I divided the ruffles in half. On the blouse, I mark where I want the ruffles to go, which is right through the sleeve center and all the way to the shoulder.

Then I pin the ruffle to go along the line, stopping about 3cm from the neckline.

STEP 4: On sewing machine, I'm installing elastic thread, since I'm working with elastic knit fabric and using straight stitch, attach the ruffle.

Very quick technique that's simple to make and will give 'wow' effect to your clothes. I'd like to add that if you don't have a gathering foot, you can create this technique by creating gathers using two rows of long straight stitches and pulling them - it works just as well, just takes a bit more time.


I hope you enjoyed learning these fun creative techniques! If you want to learn more creative ideas what you can make using your sewing machine, you might be interested in this video:

Thank you for reading and wishing you creative day!



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