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5 game changing serger techniques

Hello Darlings,

Today I want to share 5 tips that will help you elevate your serging experience to the next level. Before we start, I want to say that these are not hacks, but actual techniques that WORK. I learned most of these tips at sewing school and they have helped me tremendously. Knowledge grows when shared, that's why I want to share these techniques with you, too!

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Now let's elevate that serger game!

Click below to watch video version, or scroll below to read my serger tips:

1. Quickly change serger threads using cutting method.

Changing overlocker threads is one of the most annoying sewing tasks there is. But no worries, here is a much quicker way to do it: simply cut the threads below the hander and change thread cones. Tie knots with loose thread ends. Set serger machine tension to 0. Lift the presser foot and start pulling one thread at the time, until all threads are changed. Trim excess thread, restore tension and that's it! Very quick way to change threads AND reduces threading mistakes.

2. Cut corners to get sharp edge.

Neatly serging inner corners is tricky - it's quite difficult to get that sharp edge, isn't it? So here's what you want to do: when serging, cut in the corner until 1mm from the seam allowance line. Unfold the corner, so that you get a straight line and serge. Once seam is finished, the corner looks sharp and neat!

3. Finish overlocker seam by pulling it back to the seam.

If you cut serge seam, those loose thread end will start falling apart - it reduces seam strength and does not look nice or professionally finished. Instead, when you finish the seam, drive the fabric away and create a 5-7cm length 'thread tail'. Put that thread tail through an eye of a big dull needle (here is one example of such needle) and pull it back to the seam. Cut excess thread and your seam is neatly and securely finished! Alternatively, instead of the needle you can use a crochet hook - use whichever you have on hand! I use this technique on all circular seams, like for collars, hems, sleeves and cuffs.

4. Wind bobbins instead of buying large cones.

Listen, those serger threads have a tendency to quickly stack up, right? Instead of buying 4 large cones each time, try winding bobbins with needed color and threading serger just like you would with large cones - this way you'll save money and it's more resource-friendly choice for sustainable sewing!

5. Use elastic tape to protect seams from stretching out.

I love to use this technique when I sew knits: add elastic tape under serger foot and sew shoulder seams to prevent them from stretching out. Shoulders are cut on angle, which means that they are more prone to be stretched out during wear, and this simple tip will help you prevent that. The elastic clear tape is very cheap and handy item to have, you can find similar to the one I use here and here.

6. BONUS TIP: use grocery bag to store your serger!

Okay, now this is a fun tip I tip I wanted to add: use grocery store bag to cover your serger! I use this old LIDL bag and cover machine to store it in the closet. I always say 'use what you have' and it's an ultimate proof of that! :)

I hope you enjoyed these techniques, as it's something I swear by. Let me know if there are any other serger techniques we are missing out on!

Best wishes,



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