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5 Sewing Threads You Need to Know

Sewing threads may seem like a small detail in the overall process of creating a garment, but they play a crucial role in the final result. Choosing the right type of thread for your project will make a significant impact to your creation, so it's important to know which thread to choose and why.

In this post, we'll discuss 5 must-know sewing threads - whether you're sewing woven fabrics, knits or faux leather - these threads will help you create perfect results. So let's start!

This post is created in collaboration with Mettler - a manufacturer of high quality threads.

Founded in 1883 in Switzerland, Mettler has been a part of Amann group since 1988. Mettler threads are known for their high quality and broad range of colours, surface finishes, looks and effects. No matter what needlework project you are working on - sewing, quilting, embroidery or overlocking - Mettler will have the right thread for you!


Thread No.1: Polyester all-purpose thread

Polyester all-purpose thread (like Mettler Metrosene) is the most popular sewing thread. It can be used to sew all types of fabrics, from natural to synthetic ones. This thread can be used for a variety of different stitches and it can be washed, ironed without loosing its properties. All purpose thread is usually used with size 90 needle.

Thread No.2: Elastic thread

If you like to sew knits - elastic thread like Mettler Seraflex will be very useful. This thread can be stretched up to 65 percent and you can sew stretch fabrics with straight stitch. Simply put Seraflex as top and bobbin thread and sew with straight stitch - you get an elastic seam, without any special stitches.

You can use this or this tutorial to create two easy dresses with Seraflex elastic thread.

Mettler Seraflex elastic thread

Thread No.3: Elastic bobbin thread

This next thread Mettler Elastic is even more elastic and is used to create elastic shirring. Wind thread to bobbin by hand, but it in bobbin, top thread will remain standard sewing thread. Sew straight stitch and you get elastic gathers. You can add these to sleeves, create elastic waist or even whole dress using this technique.

Use this tutorial to sew elastic waist to any dress or blouse.

Thread No.4: Extra strong thread

For sewing thick materials like leather, denim or canva - you need to pair it with extra strong thread (like Mettler Extra Strong). This thread is much thicker than standard sewing thread and should be used with higher size needle (size 100 or higher). This thread is strong and tearproof, thus will create strong, durable seams.

Mettler Extra Strong thread

Thread No.5: Sewing thread from recycled materials

If you like upcycling and sustainable sewing, you might be interested in sewing thread made from recycled PET bottles (like Mettler Seracycle). Both the thread and the spool are made of recycled plastic. This thread is great for sewing all types of different materials and has same qualities as standard sewing thread, expect it's more enviromentally friendly.

Watch this or this video for upcycle project ideas.

Mettler Seracycle thread from recycled PET bottles

I hope you enjoyed learning about these 5 must-know sewing threads. If you want to learn more about sewing threads, watch this complete guide on sewing threads:

Thank you for reading and wishing you a creative week ahead!

Best wishes,



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