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Best Gifts for Sewers (gift guide)

Gift guide for best gifts for sewers

Hello Darlings,

With Christmas quickly approaching, I wanted to create a list of gifts for sewers - it's usually pretty tricky to buy something for person who has a hobby, so I hope this guide will help you navigate the sewing world in finding a thoughtful sewing gift for your loved one, family member, friend or colleague. This list includes useful, practical gifts that most sewers will appreciate (they will definitely appreciate you putting extra thought and time into finding something to cater their hobby!).

Before moving on, I want to add that this post is NOT sponsored. I will include links to items I talk about and some links will be affiliate links (meaning, if you click and purchase an item within 24 hours, I get a small percentage, at no additional cost to you).

Enjoy reading and I hope these ideas will help you find the best sewing gift!

Best Gifts for Sewers

1. Sewing thread kits

Sewing threads are something every sewist uses daily and you always need to have a lot of threads to match a project you're working on. While loose sewing thread bobbins may not have a presentable gift appearance, sewing thread kits that come in nice boxes definitely are. I personally use and can recommend Mettler thread kits - they are high quality threads and have a variety of different sets, that come in several sizes, color themes and purposes. Sewing thread kit prices ranges from around 20 USD for smaller kits (like this one, this one and this one) up to 180+ USD for a big set in a sturdy case (like this one). There are definitely plenty of set options to choose from and you can find a suitable one here. If you want a gift that will be useful and practical - sewing thread kits are definitely it!

2. Sewing pattern magazine subscription

After 13 years of sewing, this year - for the first time ever - I subscribed for Burda Style sewing pattern magazine and it was such a joy to go check mailbox every month to look for new edition to arrive. Sewing magazines are loved by many sewing enthusiasts and subscription is a gift they will be enjoying throughout the year.

My personal favorite sewing magazines are Burda Style (find subscription here) and Ottobre for kids (find subscription here). I also heard nice things about Fiber Mood magazine (you can find subscription here), but I'm yet to try it out myself.

3. PDF patterns

PDF patterns are gaining more and more popularity - there's plenty to choose from and you can get it whenever the inspiration hits, even if it's in a middle of the night. Plus, it's a great way to support independent creators and small businesses. PDF patterns prices start just from several dollars, so it's one of budget-friendly gift options (though you will have to get creative with how to present it - it's always tricky to gift digital items, isn't it?!). A great way to find patterns is on Etsy, and a few of my favourite creators are Kiana Bonollo, DressmakingAmore, Daria Patternmaking (and, of course, I'll add my own shop to the list here).

4. Sewing books

Sewing books are an amazing source of inspiration and learning materials for sewists, this is why a good sewing book is always a great gift. Here are a few of my favourite sewing book picks:

5. Dress form

This was one of the most popular gift wishes among Instagram community - sewing dress form. They are very handy for draping, fitting and garment display. While this might not be an essential sewing item, it's definitely a nice to have. I personally use an adjustable dress form, which is also the safest gift option, since you don't need to know exact measurements of the person who will be using it. Here is an adjustable dress form similar to the one I use, and here is another option with great reviews.

6. Work desk lamp

If a person has a dedicated sewing space - a good work desk lamp is essential. A well light-up space makes a big difference, especially if a person likes to sew at evenings or when it's gloomy outside. I personally am loving my LED lamp for the last 3 years - it has 2.200 lumens and it makes the sewing space very VERY well light-up. It's a joy to use it every time, but it's also a bit pricey - so if you want to treat someone with a practical and thoughtful gift, this might be it! You can find the lamp here.

7. Ring light or tripod

A bit weird suggestion, I know - but hear me out! One of my biggest sewing regrets is not taking any photos of my early makes - it would have been lovely to look back and see how much my skills have evolved over time... This is why I think a ring light or tripod for taking pics is a great encouragement for sewist and it shows that you support their hobby. And who knows, maybe it will even sparkle an interest in creating sewing content, too? I can recommend this Neewer ring light that I've been using for last 4 years. And here is a budget-friendly tripod option with great reviews.

8. Sewing machine

This was by far most wished for gift on Instagram, so I had to include this! There are so many different sewing machines out there, that it makes it tricky to recommend something without knowing specific persons needs. However, here are a few great options that will definitely be loved and appreciated (and if not - well, that's why e-shops have returns policies, right?):

Sewing machine for beginners and intermediate sewers: Singer Heavy Duty 4423 (watch my review of this machine here)

Sewing machine for advanced users: Janome Memory Craft 6650

Semi-industrial straight stitch: Juki TL-2010Q

Embroidery machine: Janome Memory Craft 500E

9. Tailors Clapper

I always say that good pressing is game changer in sewing quality, so why not give a gift that will help elevate sewing game? Tailors clappers are a great tool that will last a long time and nice budget-friendly gift item (to be honest, this is something I've been eyeing to buy for myself, too). Here is a nice tailors clapper option with great reviews.

10. Sewing novelty items

This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I do like sewing novelty items. They might be a bit cheesy to some, but they are also cute, warm gifts and they remind us about our favorite hobby - what's not to love? Plus, they are often very budget-friendly and let's you show appreciation without breaking the bank!

Here are a few sewing novelty gift ideas:

Thimble desk organizer (I have this one and it's very cute)

Here are my suggestion for best gifts for sewers. I hope these gift ideas will let you find a perfect present for your loved one!

P.S. Sewers, what would you add to this list?

Best wishes,



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