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Sewing Pattern Tutorial: Robe

Believe it or not, but I was never a robe person. In fact, I never even owned one - I am one of those people that loves to jump in their regular clothing from the moment I wake up and have been like this my entire life. However, with baby coming up (by the way, did you see my DIY pregnancy looks?), I figured a robe would be a very practical and efficient item to include to my home wardrobe.

Since I love exploring new designs and fabrics, I figured I would make my own robe and this is how this bright waffle fabric robe came to be!

I wanted to try out sewing with Waffle fabrics for a while now, but didn't have a project in mind - well, turns out this fabric is perfect for robe making! It's durable, easy to wash, cozy and pleasant to wear. I also learned a few things about sewing with Waffle fabrics along the way, and listed them in this short Youtube video - if you are planning on tackling Waffle fabric in the future, these tips might come in handy!

The whole robe was super easy to make and I would say it took my one whole evening to finish it from start to finish (including making a pattern and cutting). Before moving to the pattern tutorial, here are a few photos of me modelling with the finished robe:

Now onto the pattern tutorial. The pattern for a robe is very easy to make, so even if you never made a pattern before - this is a great project to start with! Below you will find a link to a detailed Youtube pattern drafting tutorial and if you scroll below, there are pattern pieces up-close (followed with a few photos of finished robe). Enjoy!

Robe sewing pattern

Hope you enjoyed this robe sewing pattern tutorial, as well as tips on sewing waffle fabrics!

Wishing you a great week ahead,



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