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Top 10 Best Sewing Tools 2022

Hello Darlings,

2022 is nearing to an end and I wanted to round-up all best tools I discovered or re-discovered this year. While I strongly believe that you don't need a lot of tools to sew well, I also like to try new tools and see which ones work and make sewing life easier.

Before we move to the list, I want to add that this post is not sponsored and all items are my own personal tools. I'll link a few of the products and these will be affiliate links, meaning that if you click the link and buy an item within 24hours I get a small percentage at no additional cost to you.

This Top 10 best sewing tool list comes in video (click to watch video below) and text formats (scroll down to read). Enjoy!

Top 10 best sewing tools 2022

1. 32 presser foot set

This is the best value item on the list - I paid 21 USD for 32 presser feet set and the price for one foot is unmatched. Of course, some of the feet are not as useful and very niche, but there are quite a lot of good ones, my favourite ones being gathering foot, pintucking foot, teflon foot and narrow hem foot. These presser feet work great with my Singer Heavy Duty 4423 sewing machine, and will work with most modern sewing machines. You can find this set here.

2. Chalk sharpener

I wasn't expecting much from this tool, but it has exceeded all my expectations! Before, I would use scissors to sharpen my chalk, but it was messy and results were only so-so. But with this chalk sharpener, it only takes a few moves and I have a freshly sharp chalk with no mess! Definitely a tool worth having. You can find similar chalk sharpener here.

3. Sewing gauge

Not a new tool, but I know a lot of people don't know about this yet, so here we go: sewing gauge. Amazing tool to use for button placement - all buttons are equally spaced and no calculations needed! You can find similar sewing gauge here.

4. Snap press

I had a terrible experience using snap pliers (long installing time, needs lots of effort, snaps won't stay in...), so when I finally decided to get a snap press - I couldn't be happier! It works effortlessly, the process is very fast and the snaps are very securely installed - all the right things! Unfortunately, there are a lot of low quality presses out there, and while I like the quality of mine, I do not have a link to share, since the store I bought it from no longer has it... Too bad, cuz I really like mine!

5. Work desk lamp

I know I keep raving about this lamp, but... it's worth all praise it can get! Especially now in winter season, when days get dark very early, a good desk lamp is essential to keep eyes heathy and rested. When looking for lamps, be mindful how many lumens it has - the more, the better! Here is a lamp like mine.

6. Elastic thread

Not *technically* a tool, but definitely a sewing item I rediscovered this year. Elastic thread can be used to create elastic shirring and it's such a beautiful technique! Elastic thread is not expensive (1 spool costs like 2 euros), but it's definitely worth having in your sewing toolbox!

7. Twin needle from Organ Needles

I used to have very mixed feelings about twin needle: sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't and I would get a broken or tangled threads. However, situation completely changed once I switched to Organ Needles twin needle - I don't know why, but this needle works great with my Singer Heavy Duty 4423 sewing machine and now I can sew at high speed without any tangling. I use twin needle mostly to hem knits, but it also can be used to create pintucks.

8. Patternmaking for Fashion design by Helen Joseph Armstrong

I went back and forth about buying this book and I'm so glad I did get it. It was definitely an investment, but since I'm very interested in patternmaking and always look for ways to improve - it's an investment worth the price. You can find this book here.

9. Seam gauge

As a person who often works with patterns without seam allowance - I love this tool! It makes it so easy and quick to add seam allowance, so it's worth having one in the sewing toolbox. Here is seam gauge similar to mine.

10. Bobbin box

This last tool is not really a tool, but I love it - it makes my sewing space so much neater and cleaner! I really dislike when things are just rolling around without designated place, and this little box solves loose bobbin issue so easily. Definitely can recommend if you want a more organized sewing space. Here you can find bobbin box similar to mine.

Here are my best sewing tools of 2022. Let me know in the comments which sewing tools you discovered this year - I would love to hear!

Best wishes,



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