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Top 10 Cool Sewing Gadgets

When it comes to tools, I am always on a lookout for products that can help me solve sewing problems or ease the process - having a right tool can help save time and effort, and I'm always up for that!

Throughout the years I learned about many interesting sewing tools and today I decided to share some of them with you, by creating my Top 10 Cool Sewing Gadgets list. Some of these tools I used in the past and some of them I discovered while preparing for this list (I love that there is always something new to learn about sewing!) - either way, I hope you will find this list interesting and useful!

The Top 10 list is in no particular order, but I did place my favourite tools in Top1 and Top2 places. I can't wait to hear which tool is your favourite one!


Before starting our Top 10 Cool Sewing Gadgets list, I want to give a big shout-out to todays sponsor Hemline:

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What I personally like about Hemline is that they carry an incredibly wide product assortment, which means that no matter what sewing task I have on hand - I can count on Hemline to have the right tool at affordable price and high quality!


Let's begin our Top 10 Cool Sewing Gadgets list!

Here is the video, and scroll down to read the entire list:


Top 10: Pincushion with suction cup.

I had this little tulip pin cushion for a while now and I really enjoy that I can put it on any surface and it will stay in place. I mostly use this while sewing with my overlock - I place this on my overlock and simply put pins at it while I sew, knowing that it will securely stay in place.

Top 9: Seam Guide Tape.

This seam guide tape is ideal for beginners - just stick it on the plate of the sewing machine and it will help you navigate the fabric before it hits the needle, so that you have straight seams everytime!

Top 8: Bulky Seam Aid.

If you ever had to sew through bulky seams (such as jeans or multiple layers of fabric), you know that it can be a tricky task. This is where a Bulky Seam Aid comes in handy - it elevates sewing machine foot before it goes through bulk and helps avoid skipping stitches!

Top 7: Fabric Grips.

These Fabric Grips are a simple solution to difficult issue - place them on the corners of the ruler and prevent it from slipping on the fabric. Ideal for quilting and working with slippery fabrics.

Top 6: Loop Turner and Elastic Guides.

One of the most annoying task can be turning tubes inside out or pulling elastics through it - but no worries, this is where this Loop Turner and Elastic Guide set will come in handy!

Top 5: Thread Cutting Ring.

This is one of the gadgets that I learned about while preparing for this Top 10 list. A ring that cuts thread? How cool is that!

It's made from silicone and will fit finger of any size, so it's very convenient tool to have in your tool box, especially if you are doing lots of hand sewing.

Top 4: Seam-fix.

One more tool I learned about - seam ripper and thread remover in one innovative gadget, called Seam-fix. It has two seam rippers (large and small blades) and two rubber heads, that help easily remove loose threads once the seam is ripped apart. No more thread picking by hand!

Top 3: Mini Seam-fix.

While bigger Seam-fix is handy tool to have in your tool box, a small mini Seam-fix is a great companion on the go, or if you are working in smaller projects.

Top 2: Sewer's Extra Finger.

in the beginning of this list, I mentioned that Top2 and Top1 are my favourites. Here is Top2 - Sewer's Extra Finger! For me, this comes in particular handy while steam-pressing garment - it helps me keep a detail in place, while maintaining a safe distance from steam. It can also be used to hold details in place while sewing - great tool for that extra protection and safety!

Top 1: Expandable Sewing Gauge.

And finally - a must must have tool: Expandable Sewing Gauge. This gauge is such an efficient tool to have when you need to install buttons or pintucks - just expand it to needed distance and you will get accurately equal distance from each button every time!


This concludes our Top 10 Cool Sewing Gadgets list! Let me know in the comments which tool is your favourite one?

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,



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