Tutorial: Basic Skirt Pattern Drafting

Hi Darlings!

If I would have to choose a moment that had biggest impact towards my sewing improvement, I would probably choose learning how to make my own patterns: learning this skill allows you to create any kind of design you want, or re-create a designer item you liked. Knowing how to create your own pattern also gives you better understanding on how commercial patterns are made, thus you will be able to fit them much easier.

On my Instagram, I like to share some pattern drafting ideas (like this 3 layer bell sleeve, Trapeze dress, or Bishop sleeve) and I often start with 'basic pattern block'. However, I never had a basic pattern block tutorial, so today I am very excited to share my first one - Basic Skirt pattern tutorial!

Basic skirt pattern is a first pattern you learn to make in sewing school: it gives a good understanding on how a block is made, yet it's relatively easy to fit if compared to full body pattern block. The technique I am sharing in this tutorial is pretty easy and once you get a grip of it - it takes only a few minutes to do.

Once the Basic Skirt pattern is finished, it will look like this:

And cut out from paper (I recommend using thicker paper, so that you can re-use the same pattern multiple times), the pattern will look like this:

Without any further ado, here is a Basic Skirt pattern tutorial - enjoy watching!

Wishing you a creative week ahead!

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