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Zero Waste Pattern for Shirred Sundress

All you need to make pattern for this dress is to cut 5 rectangular pieces - how great is that?!

In this post, I want to share a zero waste pattern for this gorgeous shirred sundress. You will make this pattern straight on the fabric, saving time and money for printing, plus there will be no fabric leftovers, as we will use fabric as efficiently as possible.

This tutorial is created in collaboration with Mettler - a manufacturer of high quality threads.

Founded in 1883 in Switzerland, Mettler has been a part of Amann group since 1988. Mettler threads are known for their high quality and broad range of colours, surface finishes, looks and effects. No matter what needlework project you are working on - sewing, quilting, embroidery or overlocking - Mettler will have the right thread for you!

Mettler Elastic thread is used as bobbin thread to create elastic shirring

To sew this dress and create elastic shirring, you will need elastic bobbin thread. I used Mettler Elastic thread, as its my favourite elastic thread - it has great recovery, does not stretch out even after multiple wears/washes and it works very well with my sewing machine. This thread needs to be used ONLY in the bobbin, top thread remains standard sewing thread. To sew with this thread, wind the bobbin by hand - this way, the thread is not pre-stretched before going into the seam. Extra tip: use longer stitch to create more gathers!

You can watch full sewing tutorial by click video below, and scroll down to see pattern details!


Making pattern for this dress is very straightforward: measure dress height you want (1) and sleeve length (2). Detail measurements are following:

  • MAIN BODICE DETAIL: dress length + 1cm for top seam allowance + 6cm for hem. My dress length 76cm + 1cm + 6cm = 83cm

  • SLEEVE LAYER: total sleeve length - 20cm overlap + 1cm top seam allowance + 4cm hem. My sleeve length 53cm - 20cm + 1cm + 4cm = 38cm


Using measurements you took, draw pattern straight on the fabric. You'll need 5 rectangulars: 1 for main bodice of the dress (detail height you calculated, width same as fabric width (in my case - 150cm)); 4 for sleeve details (sleeve detail height, width half fabric width). Here is the drawing how to position all these details:

Zero waste sewing pattern for shirred sundress


Sewing this dress was such a breeze! It took my about 4 hours to complete this dress from start to finish, so this is definitely a project you can complete in one weekend. It is very easy to make, so even if you're a beginner, gives this dress a try!

Here are a few more photos of the dress - imagine how amazing it would feel on a hot summer day!

To sew the dress, I also used Mettler Metrosene thread - this is an all-purpose thread, perfect for all types of seams and fabrics. It sews like a dream and ensures trouble-free sewing experience even if I'm switching between my industrial and domestic sewing machines. Metrosene comes in an impressive range of colors and shades, so it's very easy to find the one that will perfectly match your fabric.

Mettler Elastic used as bobbin thread, Mettler Metrosene used as top thread to create elastic shirring

Mettler Metrosene comes in separate spools or these beautiful thread kits - wouldn't it be an ideal, thoughtful and practical gift for someone who loves to sew?

Mettler Metrosene kits
Mettler Metrosene 28 spool kit

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed learning how to make zero waste pattern for this beautiful dress!

Wishing you a creative weekend ahead,



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