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Burda Style Magazine 02/2020 Review + My New Blouse!

Hello Darlings!

Today I would like to share with you my review of latest Burda Style 02/2020 issue and my first make from it - this wool blouse that you see in the photo!

Burda magazine review was something I wanted to make for quite some time now, but I was waiting for a right issue to come out (hence, issue I would really be passionate about). Once I saw a preview of February Burda Style online (Burda Style Russia are usually the first ones to post a preview on their website: ), I knew I was going to buy it, as it has sooo many great and versatile patterns!

I made a Youtube video talking about each and every pattern from this issue, and below in this post I added some of my favorite patterns:

My absolute favorite pattern from Burda February issue is this high-low hem shirt - how stunning is this?! I will definitely be making this one!

Burda definitely has quite a few great blouse patterns in this issue, and it's difficult to choose a favourite one. This one, however, I feel would fit my wardrobe best: very versatile, very elegant - such a great piece!

Talking about versatile pieces, Burda February issue has a few jackets that are absolutely classic pieces and will most likely always be in style:

Though I am lately not very into making dresses, quite a few caught my eye this time - who knows, maybe I will be making it for spring/summer wardrobe?

One of the cutest patterns in this issue is this vintage-vibe skirt - I can imagine this fitting in my wardrobe sooo well!

And last but not least, for show-stopping piece, Burda added this beauty. Such a wonderful design, I even think it could be a great wedding dress option!

Needless to say, I loved so many of patterns from this Burda Style February 2020 issue, that I just had to buy it as soon as it landed in stores!

Oh, and do you wonder which pattern I tried out first, once I bought this issue? Well, none of the above, ha!

In January I shared a post on Instagram about losing my sew-jo for a few weeks and to get it back, I decided to make a quick and fun little project. Burda Style 02/2020 pattern No. 119 turned out to be exactly what I needed!

Here is a magazine version of this blouse:

And here is my version:

You might noticed I did a few changes to this design: first, I skipped the cowl-neckline (would not have looked good with a fabric I choose), instead, I did a bit wider neckline by eliminating 2 cm from the sides; and second change, I added 12 cm to the bottom of the blouse, because honestly original version was waaaay too short for my taste.

Here is a drawing of changes I made to the pattern (changes are in color red):

As the design of the blouse is very basic and simple, I paid extra attention to the fabric I used. I selected a beautiful, structural wool blend in deep burgundy color (which was very difficult to photograph) and could have not been happier with my choice, it looks so pretty!

All in all, I really loved this pattern - simple to make, yet a great wardrobe addition. I got so many compliments wearing this blouse, I count it as a success!

This is it from me today - I hope you enjoyed my Burda Style February magazine review! Let me know if you are interested in seeing more reviews like this one!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,



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