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Sewing Class: Circle Skirt

Circle Skirt Sewing Class for Beginners
Circle Skirt Sewing Class

Hello Darlings!

Today I am very excited to present my VERY FIRST (and free) sewing class! This is something I've been thinking about for a long long time and now it's here, yay!

Ever since I graduated from sewing school, I have been wanting to share sewing knowledge I gained - I share tips and tutorials frequently on my Instagram, Youtube channel and, of course, here on my blog. However, I never had a full garment making tutorial from start to finish - it does take a lot of time to create something like that and with full-time career in a field outside sewing, it was difficult to find enough time to do so. Well, now that we are in lockdown, I figured it's the right time to just go for it!

So, what you can expect from my sewing class?

You will learn how to make a garment based on your measurements, from start to finish.

It was very important for me to include basic pattern drafting in this class - creating custom garments is all about the right fit, and creating something based on your measurements is the easiest way to do it. Plus, I know that pattern drafting is sometimes mystified and viewed as "difficult", and I wanted to burst this myth and show that is actually not that difficult to do. Learning pattern drafting will open doors for creating any design you want and I am happy to have included this first step to my class!

You will learn to make a timeless piece: Circle Skirt.

There are a few reasons why I chose Circle Skirt for my first class: they are pretty easy to make (so it's very beginner friendly); they are a good start to learn pattern drafting; they suit any body type; they are timeless pieces (they will never go out of style); and - last but not least - they can be worn on many different occasions (pair it with a shirt - and it's a great look for work/school; pair it with a fancy blouse and heels - now you have a great look for a celebration!).

You will learn every step of the garment making process.

In this first sewing class, I wanted to share every step of the garment making process, so the video covers these segments:

  1. Materials needed for the project;

  2. Taking your own measurements;

  3. Fabric preparation;

  4. Circle Skirt pattern making and cutting;

  5. Waistband installation;

  6. Invisible zipper installation (featuring technique that works 100% and easy to do!);

  7. Rolled hemline technique;

  8. Lining installation.

With these steps, you will learn how to make your very own Circle Skirt that will be a great addition to your wardrobe!

You will learn at your own pace, on your own schedule.

I thought long about what format this class should take. I finally decided to go with pre-recorded Youtube video for several reasons: you will be able to learn at your own pace, anytime you want; class will be very easy to access anytime you want to; if there will be any unclear parts, or if you will have questions - we will be able to solve it in the comments and this will be helpful to others as well.

This class is free, but the knowledge is deep!

Let's keep it honest here: I went back and forth, whether this class should be paid or free. Creating such excessive video in high quality requires investments both from time and money perspective, but I wanted this class to be available for anyone who wants to learn to sew and do it in correct way. I know first hand how difficult it can be to navigate the unknown land of sewing, so I am not withholding any information here: despite this being a free class, I share everything I know and every step of the process!

If you will enjoy this class - please feel free to share it with somebody who want to learn to sew and who would benefit from seeing this video!

So, without any further ado, here is my very first sewing class for Circle Skirt!

And here are a few more looks of my new skirt:

I put a lot of heart and knowledge in making this class, to make it really worth your while - so I hope you will enjoy it and learn something new!

P.S. if you make a skirt based on this class: please share a pic with me on Instagram DMs - I would love to feature your make on my Instagram stories!

Wishing you a wonderful and creative weekend ahead,



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