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Learn Pattern Drafting with me!

When asked about ways to improve sewing skills, I always same tell things the helped me get to the point I am today: consistency, patience, proper gear (reliable straight-stitch machine, overlock and a powerful steam iron) and... pattern drafting.

While first three things are among common tips for sewing improvement, last one - pattern drafting - often goes unmentioned. However, personally for me, learning pattern drafting lead to major improvement and totally elevated both my sewing skills and wardrobe quality.

The first benefit of pattern drafting is obvious - you can create any design you can think of. Loved that dress on the runway? You can recreate it. Liked that dress you saw on Pinterest, but would like it a bit longer? No problem, you can make the pattern with changes you want. Dreamt a perfect dress? You can totally make it! With knowledge how to make your own patterns, the possibilities are limitless!

The second benefit of pattern drafting is for those (like me) whose figure does not meet 'standard' sizing - instead of dealing with commercial pattern grading and fitting, it's sometimes much easier to just go ahead and draft own pattern to fit your figure perfectly! This was a bit time saver for me, as fitting commercial patterns (especially close-fitting ones) always took me soooo much time. Now I can make a well-fitted pattern much quicker, how amazing is that?

And last (but definitely not least) - when you know how to do pattern drafting, you have a much better understanding how to adjust ready-made patterns to fit you. Even if you are not planning on creating your own patterns from scratch, understanding the basics of how a pattern is made will give you ability to find needed adjustments and make them properly. It's a skill that benefits a seamstress of any level!

With these three reasons, I am sure you see what a valuable skill pattern drafting is and how it can benefit you. So, are you ready to start learning pattern drafting with me?


On my Youtube, I shared a two-part tutorial on how to make a dartless basic block (a basic block is the 'base', which can be later modified to any design you want). There are a lot of methods for basic block drafting, but I find that this technique is the quickest, easiest to understand and - most importantly - gives great fit from first try. (Important note: dartless block will work only with stretch fabrics; there will be a different block for non-stretch fabrics!)

Dartless Basic Block (Part 1: front and back pieces):

Dartless Basic Block (Part 2: sleeve):


Have any question about this tutorial? Let me know on Youtube comments, I will answer it!


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