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Burda Style “Tie the knot” Blouse (+ pattern review)

Hello Darlings! Once I heard a saying that spoke dearly to me: there are times when nothing is appening, there are times when everything is happening at once. Right now, the second one is taking place – May is crazy busy at work, a few work trips, lots of sewing, family activities and… planning of the wedding and honeymoon! Yes, that’s right – your girl SewingJulie will soon become Mrs. SewingJulie! And yes, I will be wearing my handmade dress to the ceremony – I finished my dress already in middle of April and it’s now safely resting in the closet in our school until the big day. I cannot wait to share photos of it with you, as well as what I have learned along the way while making it, so make sure to check the blog next month for big updates!

In the meantime, I would like to share one of my new creations for the work wardrobe – Burda Style blouse 08/2013 #119. This style is not my usual choice, but I decided to give it a try and this blouse turned out to be such a quick and fun project to make!

The key part in sewing this model is picking the right fabric: it has to be flowy and thin, otherwise the knot will not look good; also, it’s best to go for two-sided fabric, because both sides will be visible in the ribbon part. I was really worried about making a nice straight hemline on the ribbon because the fabric is stretchy and I was afraid of wavy finished edge (been there, done, don’t want to repeat same mistake). To solve this issue, I used fusible interfacing to secure fabric edges and then did the rolled hemline – in this way, the ribbon and neckline will not stretch out and I was able to create a nice clean hemline.

The only design change I did was shorten the sleeves – the sleeves in original design were beautiful, but quite frankly I don’t like wearing long sleeved anything and I will go for ¾ sleeves anytime I can.

All in all, I really liked making this quickie blouse (took me one Saturday afternoon to finish) and I love how this style goes nicely with my beloved half-circle skirt. I wouldn’t mind repeating this design in the future (maybe in a red color next time?), so I definitely recommend this pattern!


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