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DIY Look – Special Occasion Dress (+ Pattern review)

I believe that each woman should have a “special occasion” dress in her closet, so that when any event is coming up, she can easily grab it, put it on and be ready to go, looking good and feeling good. To me, this red dress is exactly that – I made it over a year ago, and it followed me on several special occasions, helping to avoid the big headache of “what to wear”.

My favourite part about this dress is definitely the back – a true “head turned”, which is exactly what you want in a special occasion dress!

The pattern that I used is from Susanna Moden magazine (issue 2016/08) and it is a perfection: the fit is good, there are many alterations in the issue available and is relatively easy to make. This pattern for me is a true winner (worth buying entire magazine just for it) and I used it a few times already! I am not sure if this magazine is available to find, but if you do come across it – I highly recommend to get it!

Pattern used: Susanna Moden magazine (issue 2016/08).

Changes made: none

Do I recommend the pattern: yes, this pattern is very versatile and the fit is great!


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