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Kicking off October Makes with Pleats (+ Burda pattern review)

Hi Darlings!

Not sure how it happened, but I never made a pleated skirt before - I always liked them, yet never came around actually making one. At the moment I am on stash cleaning phase (meaning, I do not allow myself to buy any new fabric, until everything I have now is sewn -which is like 7 or 8 pieces of fabric) and it was time to pull out this bright orange denim that was hiding in the closet for a few months already - it was time for me to make my first pleated skirt!

Once I had my fabric picked - a sturdy denim, that holds shape very well - it was time to pick a pattern. I decided to go with Burda Style 10/2017 No. 108 - a simple, yet elegant design, perfect for everyday wear in the office.

I am not a big fan of ready-made patterns for skirts, because I always have problems with fitting - as I have a pear shaped figure, my waist and hips are two different sizes, which gives headache everytime I need to fit a skirt. To my surprise, this was not a case with this pattern - the panels on top were easy to adjust, without losing innitial skirt shape.

As for the pleats - well, no mystery here, other than a good pressing! Pressing these pleats neatly did take time, effort and lots of steam, but in the end - sharp pleats give all the beauty to the skirt!

Denim is a thick fabric, so invisible zipper was not an option. Instead, I went with an exposed zipper - not only it was perfect for such heavy fabric, but also gave nice contrast to the back of the skirt!

All in all, I loved making this skirt - such a nice brigthly colored edition to the closet, especially in October!

Best wishes,



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