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My Most Repeated Pattern (Burda Pattern Review)

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Hello Everyone!

I have done little to no sewing this past month - to be honest, I needed to recharge after an intensive period in beggining of June (gradutation, wedding and honeymoon). But as the time flew by, I was starting to get anxious that I wasn't making anything (plus, I kept seeing wonderful creations everything was posting on Instagram!), so I needed to restart my sewing mojo. To do that, I chose my top favourite Burda pattern ever - 09/2012 No. 108.

I almost never repeat same pattern twice, but fthis one in an exception: I made it in 3/4 sleeves (twice!), I made it in short sleeves, I made it as a top, I made it for a friend and now it's time for a summery striped version.

What I love most about this pattern is the curved front darts: they are so elegant and so well fitting, plus gives any figure such a good look. Last but not least, I find these curved darts much more comfortable in sheath dresses than regular bust and front darts.

Though original pattern has a loose fitting back, I added back darts to mine - truth be told, fitted back looks so much better on me than non-fitted.

If you don't mind, I will take a moment to humbly brag about the stripe matching, especially in invisible zipper placement. It took a while to get this matching, but it was really worth it! My secret to matching stripes? I use LOTS of pins and before making a seam, I match and pin to place every stripe (yes, EVERY stripe).

I went with pattern suggested two-part short sleve. I was debating whether I should add sleeves or not, but I am so glad I finally did!

Can we talk about how awesome this fabric is?! My favourite fabric store Danesa has opened a new section with all these gorgeous fabrics, and I just couldn't skip the opportunity getting some for me!

I wore this dress to family gathering on Saturday and what can I say - I looove this dress! So comfortable and so good looking! Plus, I have perfect shoes for it (truth be told, those shoes go with EVERYTHING, ha!).

Glad you took a moment to check this post and I hope you like this dress! Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Best wishes,



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