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My recent Burda makes: 3 pattern reviews!

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Hi Darlings!

This year I am making a conscious decision to tackle different type of projects and try out new styles. Looking back at my makes this year so far, I can say I am on a right path: I made a puffy long winter coat, bell sleeved blouse and now a jumpsuit, big bow blouse and a sunny ruffled dress - all sooo out of character for me. In other words, I am trying to step out of my comfort zone and thus grow my skill set (you can’t grow doing same thing over and over again, right?). I am sure there will be some misses along the way, but so far I am loving these new creations!

Today I would like to share with you my reviews on my latest makes of 3 Burda patterns - out of my usual style, but I am honestly loving them all!

Pattern No. 1: Burda Style Plumetis Dress 04/2019 #120

Burda Style Plumetis Dress 04/2019 #120 pattern review
Burda Style Plumetis Dress 04/2019 #120

It has been very long since I last bought a printed magazine, but Burda has been so strong this year, I couldn’t resist on getting their April issue! I swear, this is probably one of the best Burda issues I have and I love so many patterns from there. I have my eye on these very feminine Asymmetric Collar Dress, this cute Flared Dress, this Collarless Jacket (will be perfect for autumn wardrobe - already bought fabric for it) and this Shirt Blouse is currently on my cutting table.

My most recent make - dress I wore on Easter, pattern Plumetis Dress 04/2019 #120 - can also be found on April Burda Style issue, in their New Horizons collection. This dress is so gorgeous, I knew I was making it the moment I saw it!

Made adjustments. None. This is a very loose fitting pattern, so I didn’t trouble myself with fitting at all - I simply cut out size 36 and was good to go!

Sewing Techniques. For the ruffles, I used a rolled hemline method for a clean and polished look. I also used French seam on all ruffles, in case inside of the seams are visible when I wear the dress. Other than that, all inside seams are straight stitched and overlocked.

Favourite part about the pattern. Would you believe this dress took only a couple hours to make? I am not a fast seamstress, so for me this is SUPER FAST! I also love the feminine look of the dress - cute and a little bit fancy.

I was only surprised that Burda recommends 3.25 meters of fabric for this dress, though I ended up using only 2 meters and had some leftovers (probably first time this happened to me, as I always buy less than recommended and then barely have enough, ha!). This is of course not a big issue, but if you - just like me - don’t like leftovers, keep this in mind!

Notes after wearing the garment. This dress feels so breezy and summery - I love it! Seriously, there is no detail I would change about this dress - such a good pattern!

Front and Back:

Dress on me:

Details upclose:

Pattern No. 2: Burda Style Bow Sleeveless Blouse 01/2019 #120

Burda Style Bow Sleeveless Blouse 01/2019 #120 pattern review
Burda Style Bow Sleeveless Blouse 01/2019 #120

The moment I saw this Big Bow blouse pattern from Timeless Beauty collection Burda website, I knew I wanted to make it. The bigger issue was finding the right fabric, as it would either make or break entire look. Luckily, I was able to spot the perfect fabric for it: lightweight, nice to touch, easy to work with and with beaaauuuutfil crane print - perfection!

Made adjustments. None - I simply cut out size 36 and sewn everything without even trying it on! I think pattern runs slightly big, because based on Burda measurements, I should be size 38, but size 36 was just right for me. As with all ready-made patterns, I recommend to measure the pattern to make sure you find the right size for you.

Sewing Techniques. For lightweight fabrics, I love using French seam method, when all raw edges are tucked inside the seam. I made a quick tutorial on how to make it here.

I also asked on my Instagram about improving buttonholes, as I didn’t like how my Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is making it and I got TON of great tips! I saved it all on Instagram Highlights “Buttonholes” - make sure you check it out, there are some really valuable, practise-based tips there!

Favourite part about the pattern. The collar - I love it! So classy and elegant, it makes this blouse a chick choice for the office wear. I would love to make it in solid color, too, to make the collar stand out even more.

Notes after wearing the garment. Blouse feels breezy and comfortable, which will make it an office staple in hot summer day. Only thing I slightly dislike is that the knot on the collar slightly pulls the front of the blouse down due to weight (I had same issue with Burda Style “Tie the knot” Blouse pattern, which I made last year), but as the cleavage is not deep, that’s not big of an issue.

Front and Back:

Blouse on me:

Details upclose:

Pattern No. 3: Burda Style Utility Jumpsuit 02/2016 #110

Burda Style Utility Jumpsuit 02/2016 #110 pattern review
Burda Style Utility Jumpsuit 02/2016 #110

If you have asked me a year ago, what I would like to make, a jumpsuit would have not been on list. In fact, there would have been zero pants on the list, too - I dreaded making them THAT much! Back when I started sewing, I tried making a pair of pants once and they were sooo terrible and ill-fitting, that I swore off making pants for entire decade (I even went through entire sewing school without having to make pants, ha!). But this year something changed: I made a conscious decision to try out making new things and new styles, so… why not make a jumpsuit?

I decided to go with Burda Style Utility Jumpsuit 02/2016 #110B from their Utility Collection (if you like look of this jumpsuit, Burda has very similar dress on same collection).

Made adjustments. I skipped suggested sode inserts in the pant part, as I wanted to eliminate possible bulk at the elastic line. I also did oh-so-many measuring and adjustments while fitting the pant part, which every pear-shape figure has to go through on ready made patterns (if you are pear-shape like me - you know what I mean ;)) I did use a DIY snap set instead of regular buttons, as I wanted to give it a bit of a heavy-duty look.

Sewing Techniques. Nothing special in used techniques this time, I my full focus went on fitting (and it paid of, by the way!). I can only note that for sleeves I used a French seam, because I like to wear my sleeves rolled up and didn’t want any overlocker seams seen.

Favourite part about the pattern. I love EVERYTHING! No, seriously, I love everything - the roll-up sleeves, the fit, the pockets, the elastic at the bottom, everything!

Notes after wearing the garment. I did enjoy wearing this jumpsuit and I even sported it to the office and got so many compliments! I would only recommend using fabric that has a bit of a stretch for more comfort, but other than that I looooove it!

Jumpsuit on me:

Details upclose:

Thanks for reading and hope you liked this review! If you have any question - please feel free to let me know on my email Talk to you soon!

Best wishes,


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May 03, 2019

Lovely dress 👗 you have made and the bright yellow color so suits you. Did you make any changes to neck band in dress? As I have found generally Burda neck bands are loose.

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