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Pattern Review: Burda Sheath Dress 03/2016 #120B

Burda Sheath Dress 03/2016 #120B

Hi Darlings!

Everytime I work on a new project, I get excited - new pattern, new fabric, what’s not to love? But from time to time I come across project I get SUPER excited for - this one is just like that.

I had this fabric for a year until I figured where to use it - it is so nice, so soft, so luxurious-feeling, that I was afraid to waste it on a boring pattern. It might have stayed in my closet for a bit longer, but as I am now at the stash-cleaning phase (meaning I swore not buy any new fabric until everything I have is sewn - hopefully that’s around holidays, as I only have 2 fabrics remaining), the time has come to put this fabric to use.

For the pattern I went with Burda Style Sheath Dress 03/2016 #120B - such a gorgeous unique pattern, that I secretly hoped would go well with my beloved plaid fabric.

It was not my first time working with a PDF pattern, but it was definitely first time I had to tape together 48 pages (yes, that’s right - total forty eight pages!). Luckily, I had enough floor space to lay entire pattern, but it covered almost entire living room, ha!

My favourite part of the dress is the ruffle - it is just breathtaking! I literally just took a few moments and stared at this ruffle on a finished dress, simply soaking in all it’s beauty. Such a feminine detail that instantly bring elegance to the next level, love it!

Only pattern change I made was eliminating a deep pleat in the middle of the dress and just doing a curved seam instead (to be honest, that deep please was a bit kangaroo-looking - not something I want in an office dress).

I will brag a little (please excuse me), but I would like to take a moment to appreciate this nice plaid matching on seams - I plan on making a blog post on technique I am using to do this, so stay tuned!

Now let’s talk about the fit, shall we? Before cutting out the pattern, I always always run through all measurements and check how pattern corresponds with my figure. To my surprise, I had to raise waistline by approx. 4 cm in this pattern - it’s quite uncommon, as I usually have to lower waistline in Burda patterns, so be aware of that. Other than that I made minimal changes to fit as size 34 seemed to fit my measurements well. I didn’t want a very tight fitting dress as they not really comfortable for a day in the office, and I am very please how the fit turned out.

So here it is - latest edition to my closet, Burda Style Sheath Dress 03/2016 #120B! Definitely recommend this pattern - beautiful, elegant, classy design, that will become a timeless piece in your closet!

Wishing you a lovely day,



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