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PATTERN TUTORIAL: Layered Bell Sleeve

Hello Darlings!

Today I want to share a new tutorial on how to make a pattern Layered Bell Sleeve pattern.

This is a design that I made last year and I got so much wear out of this! I just LOVE statement sleeves, and this one is exactly that - this detail will turn any simple outfit to an instant statement piece. These sleeves may not be the most comfortable when eating soup, but they look so stunning, I can forgive that :)

Here are a few up-close photos of the sleeve:

The final pattern looks like this:

And here is a tutorial - enjoy watching!

Thank you for reading and watching the tutorial - I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did creating it!

Best wishes,



Lori Montoya
Lori Montoya
May 12, 2023

Gorgeous top!

I would like to make one for flamenco dancing but the bell pattern sleeve cut doesn’t allow full range of motion and causes the top to lift up when arms are lifted. Can you do a functional sleeve tutorial?


Ambu Rasyid
Ambu Rasyid
Nov 19, 2021

Thanks for video tutorial.

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