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SEWING FOR OTHERS: skirt for Grandma

Hello Everyone! Though I mostly think of myself as a selfish seamstress (meaning, I want to sew for myself only), I have reached a point in my life where I am starting to want to make something for others as well (or, maybe, I cannot fit more dresses in my closet, ha!).

When I enrolled to sewing school, my grandmother was one of the most supportive people about this matter – she likes sewing as well and remembers me wanting to play with her old non-electric Singer sewing machine since I was a few years old. So, naturally, when she asked me to make her a skirt, I couldn’t say ‘no’.  

It was a rather challenging task to make the skirt, though: for one thing, Grandma’s measurements are very different from my own and I never sewn for such figure before; the second thing, she left me to make a decision about the style of the skirt, though I am no expert at 75+ year olds fashion (I do love Advanced Style blog , but that’s pretty much it).

I solved these both issues by making a basic skirt pattern based on her measurements and adding circled inserts to the sides, to make the design less standard. Also, the skirt is made from sturdy, yet stretchy fabrics, so it gives an extra nice wear. The result: Grandma loved the skirt and it fits her perfectly – it was definitely worth all the effort to see her smile after trying out her new garment!

A few photos from the process:

  • I added circled inserts to the sides of the skirt for extra design touch;

  • Prior to sewing seams with sewing machine, I always hand-stitch the garment with rare stitches and try it on for fitting – definitely saves from lots of seam ripping later on!

Upclose photos of finished skirt:


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