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The “I am waiting for spring” blouse (+ Burda pattern review)

Hello Darlings!

Though it’s officially spring in the calendar, it does not look like one outside. In fact, I wore my faux fur coat and warm gloves today, all why doing my currently favourite cardio excersize – cleaning snow from car, ha!

All this “winter onion style” (a.k.a. when you are wearing layers and layers of clothing, with hope to keep warm) makes me miss my spring and summer wardrobe – light, fun and colorful!

This blouse was one of my favourite makes from last year season: I don’t wear oversize clothing (this is the only oversize thing I own, I swear), but I couldn’t resist the cuteness of this pattern! Plus, I had just the perfect fabric for it, so why not go for it?

Pattern used: Burda Style magazine, issue 02/2014, model #111 (you can find this pattern online here).

Pattern adjustments: none, I cut out the pattern as it was. Didn’t even do any fitting, can you believe that! I was a little bit afraid if the cleavage is not too revealing, but it was just right.

Techniques used: honestly? None… I just overlocked all holding seams and edges, and used simple straight stitch for hemming. It was so easy to make, that it feels it sewn itself, ha!

Would I recommend this pattern? Yes, it’s a great piece for spring or summer wardrobe. Very versatile and easy to put together – can it get any better?

Now lets see more of the project!

The back design is nearly identical to front: 

Thank you for reading and wish you a wonderfully productive sewing day!



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