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“The One that got away” dress (+Burda pattern review)

Hello Darlings!

Throughout a decade of sewing, I said “Goddbye” to a fair share of me-made clothing: a few of them were not suiting, a few were poorly made and a few went straight to “what was I thinking” pile. However, there were a few items that I loooved, but they either shrunk/worn-out/washed-out/etc. – this dress was excatly that.

I loved everything about it: the color, the fit, the design, how it suited my figure. This dress was the best thing that happened to my young office wardrobe. I found any excuse to wear for more than a year and it was one of my “go-to” dresses if I wanted to feel good and confident that day.

But unfortunately, it shrunk after an ordinary trip to washing machine. Not much, just a few centimeters – but just enough for me to say “goodbye” with a broken heart to it. Either way, it’s a great pattern and I think I will be repeating it soon enough – in the meantime, I would like to share a review with you!

Pattern used: Burda Style magazine, issue 03/2015, model #118 (you can find this dress online here).

Pattern adjustments: this is a petite size dress, so I had to do lenght adjustments. Also, pattern offers piping, but I skipped that (quite frankly, I don’t think styling photos in the magazine gave this dress justice – this dress has some serious potencial!).

Techniques used: not much – I didn’t have an overlocker at the time, so I sewn it all using an elastic stitch with my sewing machine. What can I say – seams never ripped apart!

Would I recommend this pattern? Yes, yes and one more time YES! Such a nice and interesting design – I loved it and am considering repeating it!

Now lets see more of the project (plus, my dark hair I sported a few years back – yay or nay?).

Hope you liked this review and wish you all productive week!

Best wishes, Julie


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