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Hello World! It’s me – SewingJulie!

Let’s start with an introduction: my name is Julija (Julie for short) and I love to sew.

I love to sew so much, that I can stay up till 2 o’clock at night if I want to get that dress done. I love to sew so much, that I can skip a meal if that one stubborn seam needs to be perfected. I love to sew so much, that the world around me disappears when I sit in front of my sewing machine. That’s how much I love to sew.

Apart from making numerous dresses for my barbies as a child, my passion for sewing started to bloom when I got my first sewing machine nearly a decade ago – the moment I made the first seam with it I was hooked and long nights of sewing soon followed, resulting in multiple headaches for my parents (that oldie sewing machine was a loud one, trust me) and bringing me endless frustrations, joys and lessons.

Many things changed throughout these past ten years, including finishing school, starting and later graduating from university (one Bachelor of Economics, please!), starting a career in the world of business and fully stepping into the world grown-ups – all these combined and sewing had to be pushed way down the priority ladder for a while. However, the passion was always there and so was the inner voice, bugging me that sewing should take a bigger role in my life.

And so I decided to finally do something about it: first, in Autumn 2016 I started 2 year long sewing evening classes in a local business school and will be graduating in a year with a diploma in tailoring (yay me!) And now – after tons of consideration – I’m starting this blog, a much needed creative outlet, where I will have a chance to share my passion with the world (the world of sewing, that is!).

Hopefully, everyone with interest in sewing will find something to take from this blog – tricks, tips or tons of inspiration! Thank you for reading and let’s have sew much fun!

Yours truly,



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