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How to make a French seam (step by step tutorial)

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Today I would like to share a quick tutorial on how to make French seam.

It is a beautiful way to finish your seams, by neatly hiding all raw edges inside of the seam. This technique creates a much more fancy looking finish, than say simply overlocking it, however, you can use this method only on lightweight fabrics. I like using it on blouses or even summery dresses - it gives a nice finishing touch and a luxury feeling. Also, the garment with this type of finish will also last longer, because French seam is very durable and tolerates washing in the machine well much better.

You will only use a straight stitch in this technique, but also have your iron ready by your side - good pressing is key in creating a beautiful french seam!

Now let's move on to the tutorial!


1. Take your fabric, wrongs side together and pin it. Note, is that French seam requires approx. 1.5cm of seam allowance - be careful to leave enough space for it when cutting out fabric!

2. Once you pinned your fabric, make a straight stitch, 0,5 cm from the edge. To make sure the seam is straight, I usually check the distance from machine foot to the edge, or you can use a magnetic guide for same purpose.

3. After you made your seam, Press it open.

Now fold the fabric rights sides together and press the seam again, making sure your seam is as close to the edge as possible.

4. Bring your garment back to the sewing machine and straight stitch approx. 7mm away from the edge.

5. Bring garment to ironing board again and press the seam from each side, then press it lightly from the good side and you are done!

See how easy this technique is? I love the nice touch it gives and how well it wears.

Hope you like this tutorial and let me know if you have any questions about it!

Best wishes,



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