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How to make a large brim hat

My latest makes were all inspired by summer - the weather is getting warmer and warmer, and it's reflecting in my makes, too. And what better summer item than a sun hat? I'll tell you what: a LARGE brim sun hat! And this is exactly what we will be making today.

In this tutorial, we're going to make a large brim sun hat that is fully customizable size - you can make it larger, smaller, wider or more narrow, make a matching mother-daughter hat or hats for your grandkids - you're the designer!

I made my hat from scraps that were left from making LILY dress, so this is a great project for using fabric leftovers or as a refashion idea - it's really a great project to get creative!

I made a hat from fabric leftover of LILY dress

Before moving to the tutorial, I would like to thank partners of the project - Mettler.

Founded in 1883 in Switzerland, Mettler has been a part of Amann group since 1988. Mettler threads are known for their high quality and broad range of colours, surface finishes, looks and effects. No matter what needlework project you are working on - sewing, quilting, embroidery or overlocking - Mettler will have the right thread for you!

Now let's jump into making our hat - you'll see how easy and simple it is to make (even I was surprised how easy it was!).

What the tutorial for sewing and scroll below for pattern details and calculations for custom size:


To make this pattern, you'll only need 3 pattern details: brim, middle and top parts.

Sun hat pattern details

All detail measurements are shown for 59cm (23.23inch) head circumference and includes 1cm (0.39inch) seam allowance.

Sun hat pattern brim detail (59cm size measurements)

Hat brim detail calculations for custom size:

Radius (red line): (head circumference)/6.28-1cm

Calculation sample: 59/6.28-1cm=8.39cm (I rounded to 8.5cm in pattern)

Brim width (green line): (brim width in finished hat)+2cm

Calculation sample: 20+2cm=22cm brim width

Sun hat pattern middle part detail (59cm measurements)

Middle part detail calculations for custom size:

Detail height (green line): (height in finished hat)+2cm

Calculation sample: 8.5cm+2cm=10.5cm

Detail length (red line): (head circumference)/2+1cm

Calculation sample: 59/2+1cm=30.5cm

Sun hat pattern top detail

Hat top detail calculations for custom size:

Radius (green line): ((head circumference)-2cm)/6.28+1cm

Calculation sample: (59-2cm)/6.28+1cm=10.07cm (I rounded to 10cm in pattern)

And that's it - there are just 3 pattern pieces in this hat!

To make pattern from fabric, you'll need to cut:

Main fabric: 1 pcs of brim (on fold), 1pcs of middle part (on fold), 1pcs of top

Lining: 1 pcs of brim (on fold), 1pcs of middle part (on fold), 1pcs of top

Interfacing: 1 pcs of brim (on fold), 1pcs of middle part (on fold), 1pcs of top. Note: if you're using thick interfacing, cut interfacing without seam allowance!

Hat was very easy to assemble and I used fabric leftover to create it.

My finished hat, made from fabric leftovers

This hat is sewn using only straight stitch, so it can be made with any sewing machine! To sew cotton fabric, I used Mettler SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 thread. This thread is made from cotton fiber, making it a perfect match for cotton fabric.

Hat was made using only straight stitch and Mettler SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 sewing thread

Mettler SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 thread has this subtle silky gloss, making it perfect for decorative stitches or topstitching, which we used in the hat.

Mettler SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 thread has a subtle silky gloss

This thread comes in 250 colors, making it easy to find a right color match for your project. It even comes in these cute sets that makes it a very thoughtful gift for anyone who loves sewing!

Mettler SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 18spool kit

I loved making this hat and it looks so good! I hope you'll enjoy making it as much as I did!

Best wishes,



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