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HOW TO SEW: knits without serger

Wearing my new knit dress, sewn without serger

Hello Darlings,

One of the most asked question I get is 'Can I sew knits without serger?' - and the answer to this is YES! There are quite a few techniques how you can sew knit, stretchy fabrics without serger and today I want to show you one of these options.

To make this more interesting, I challenged myself to make this fitted, very stretchy dress made from ITY knit fabric using only straight stitch seam. If you haven't yet tried out this fabric - I highly recommend trying it out: it has a wonderful drape, great elasticity, does not wrinkle, wears beautifully and - with a bit of patience - not that difficult to work with. This fabric is fantastic for fitted draped dresses like the one we will be making today or this Burda Style dress that I made last year.

This tutorial is made in partnership with Mettler - a manufacturer of high-quality sewing threads.

Mettler has a wide selection of sewing threads and you can find a right thread for any project you are working on - whether for sewing, embroidery, quilting or overlocking. I've been using Mettler threads for several years already and I love that they are reliable, get job done and ensures smooth sewing process, no matter what item I'm making.

In todays tutorial, we will be using one of my favourite threads - Mettler SERAFLEX. I've been wanting to talk about this thread for a while now, because it is game changer. If you like to sew knit fabrics - this is one of the things that I highly encourage to try. This thread is made using innovative raw material PTT, which allows the sewing thread to stretch up to 65%. Because of that, SERAFLEX is great choice to sew stretchy fabric with straight stitch.

Mettler SERAFLEX elastic thread

Mettler SERAFLEX can be used both as needle and bobbin thread. To sew with SERAFLEX, set thread tension as loose as possible, so its full elasticity comes into effect. This way, SERAFLEX achieves a sewing elasticity that is twice as high as that of conventional sewing threads.

Mettler SERAFLEX thread and fabric I'll be sewing - ITY knit

SERAFLEX thread comes in 72 colors and can be used for women's, men's or children's clothing, for sportswear and outdoor as well as for underwear and lingerie. I always keep a few cones of this thread in different colors, as it comes handy!

Mettler SERAFLEX thread kit

Now, onto making our dress! Click screen below to watch full tutorial (includes pattern making) and scroll down to see photos of the finished dress. I love how elegant this dress turned out and I hope you will enjoy making it as much as I did!

Wishing you wonderful week ahead,



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