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HOW TO SEW: Spaghetti Straps

Hello Everyone!

The long-awaited summer season is coming up and along with it – cute summer dresses! Strap dresses are probably the most staple summer wardrobe item I can think about – cute, feminine and highly appropriate in warm weather!

I recently made this pink dress for my sweet sister-in-law and shared on my Instagram a quick “how-to” on making narrow straps, also known as “spaghetti straps”. Here is a quick guide on this technique – hope you will find it useful!


Here is how to make a narrow strap:

1) take a small rope, a bit longer than the strap (I didn't have one, so I used a bias tape and folded it 4 times, to create roung effect); take a piece of fabric that you will be making a strap off, fold it in half (good side in);

2) place rope in the middle of the fold; secure one end of the rope to the fabric with a stitch;

3) start straight stitching the fabric, all along the rope, reaching a close to rope as possible (switch sewing machine feet to one sided foot for this step - this will let you reach as close to the rope as possible when sewing);

4) after finishing stitching, start pulling the rope and the strap will slowly be pulled right side out, leaving you with the perfect strap for your dress!

I don't often make straps, but I sure fell in love with this technique - quickie and gives great results!

Best wishes, Julie


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