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Pattern Monday: High-low Hemline Peplum Top

Hello Darlings!

A while back I started a new series on my Instagram, called "Pattern Monday", where on Mondays I pop up with a new pattern tutorial based on my own designs. I already created short tutorials for Circle Dress, Super Easy Summer Dress, Layered Bell Sleeve and Front Cut-out Detail. This Monday, I would like to share a pattern tutorial for my latest make: high-low hemline peplum top. I just love for this stylish blouse came out and I am so excited to share it with you!


1. Start by drawing a square, measures: your waistline x 22 cm down.

2. Divide the square in 6 or more equally sized parts.

3. Cut in the marked lines, but make sure you are not cutting all the way through (all pieces must stay connected at the top).

4. Spread the piece as shown, forming a nice half-circle (if you want more volume in your peplum - spread the part more, up to full circle).

5. Draw around the shape (top and sides only, no need to draw around the bottom part). Remove the detail.

6. Divide top part (waistline measure) in 4 equal pieces: one marking will be front center; second - right side; third - back center.

7. From marked points, mark down the following sizes (red dotted lines): from front center point - 28 cm; from right side - 44 cm down; from back center - 56 cm down. Make the left side of the drawing same size (44 cm) as the right side.

8. With curved line, connect all dots at the bottom as shown. Make sure that both sides of the back are curved equally.

Your high-low hemline peplum is done! Cut it as one piece from fabric.

For top part of the blouse, I added my standard fitted pattern block (cut at waistline, because we are adding peplum at the waistline), short sleeve block and rectangular (neckline measurement) as a turtle neck. All combined, full pattern looks like this:

As we went through pattern instructions, I also want to show-off my new make a bit more (please excuse me bragging, but I really looove how this turned out)!

Thank you for reading the tutorial and I hope you liked it! For more Pattern Mondays, make sure you are following my Instagram:

Wishing you a beautiful day,



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