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Sew with me - DOLLY blouse sewing course

DOLLY blouse

Sewing is one of my greatest passions in life, but teaching how to sew is a close second. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others, and nothing makes me happier than hearing that my tutorial are helping you sew better and easier.

Recently, a viewer messaged me saying she wanted to try making her own clothes, but was worried she would not have enough skill to make something wearable. And that got me thinking - how can I help her? I share a lot of tutorials, but can I make them even more detailed? Can I show not only how to sew something, but also why we're doing a certain task?

DOLLY blouse features elegant boat neckline, voluminous sleeves, dropped shoulders and relaxed, comfortable fit. Timeless and classic DOLLY design will pair beautifully with items you already have in your closet and you'll love wearing it (well, I'm loving it already!).

This sewing course contains 14 video lessons in which you'll learn how to sew DOLLY blouse. You'll learn how to print and assemble PDF pattern, select fabric and prepare it, make bias tape, sew boat neckline and French seam, press the garment and so much more - you'll learn everything you need for project success! The course comes with a complimentary DOLLY blouse PDF pattern (sizes XS-XXL).

After completing the course, you'll learn classic sewing techniques that you'll be able to apply for other projects as well. Best thing is that this entire blouse is made using only straight stitch, so you'll be able to create it using any sewing machine that you have!

DOLLY blouse outside
DOLLY blouse inside

If you want to start making your own clothes, DOLLY blouse is a perfect project for that. Join my sewing course here.

Wishing you a creative week,



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